Transport of business travellers

Company’s travellers are constantly on the move and find themselves confronted with mobility needs every time they arrive at stations or airports. Lack of knowledge of the city, busy schedules, stress, anxiety, luggage constraints, the traveller is confronted with various problems. As a general rule, the classic route for business travellers is as follows.  He goes first to his hotel to drop off his luggage. Then to his customer appointment, trade show or conference appointment. Moreover, for some time now, a new trend has been emerging as an expressed need on the part of business travellers. The latter is still poorly managed by the reception structures, but it remains highly cited in surveys conducted by business travel specialists. Bleisure (business + leisure). Shipotsu wishes to assert itself as a service provider in order to respond to this need, which is not satisfied by other tourism stakeholders.

Shipotsu has the solution for companies ! We offer various mobility services, transport of travellers included. All ultra-personalized according to the needs of each traveller. Employers or the company’s travel manager can therefore organize and manage the mobility of their travellers simply and quickly according to their travel policy. To learn more about Shipotsu services, visit our Business page.

Offer comfort and time to your travellers thanks to ultra-personalized transport services

As mentioned above, business travellers arrive mainly through the city’s stations and airports. As soon as they arrive, travellers are exhausted of the flight or train, are stressed, lost due to lack of knowledge of the city. Constrained by their luggage and above all have a busy schedule and therefore not a minute to waste ! What constitutes a significant loss of time and physical constraint? The traveller’s luggage because he/she will have to leave it at his/her hotel before going to his/her appointment, trade show, congress or seminar.

Shipotsu allows your business travellers to optimize their time by freeing themselves from their luggage. We offer you a tailor-made service with a choice of vehicle according to your business travellers needs, dockside takeover and other additional services. Once travellers have arrived at the desired location. Our Ship’Driver will transfer their luggage to their hotel rooms or airbnb apartments at the desired time!

No more unnecessary waste of time, offer your employees the opportunity to enjoy unlimited mobility in convenient vehicles ! They will thank you by being even more efficient during their business trips.

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Transport of company managers

Organizing the travel of your manager has never been an easy task for the travel manager or management assistant in charge of his/her travel. Everything must be operational and he/she must not waste a single minute because his/her schedule is very tight. In addition, it is still necessary to ensure a certain comfort and sense of security for your manager. Therefore, the choice of driver and vehicle is essential, as is the organization of services.

Electrical tesla vehicle.

Shipotsu offers you the possibility to plan and personalize in advance your manager’s entire trip. We also offer the choice of vehicle and can also enrich the experience with multiple services. Like a bottle of champagne, personalization of the vehicle interior, VIP seats for a sporting event, etc….

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