Transport of company guests

Are you having guests coming to your office soon? Customers, prospects, partners or collaborators, these receptions are intended to conclude negotiations or create cohesion. Most of the time, guests try by their own to reach  the meeting place and are occasionally referred by their hotel concierge or check it on the Internet beforehand to book a transport.

Why don’t you score some points before this negotiation phase starts? Surprise them by welcoming them as soon as they arrive at the station or airport via one of the Shipotsu mobility and hospitality services! We are able to receive your guests as required and offer them a tailor-made transport according to your instructions.

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Receive your guests with a transport organized by the company

As mentioned above, Shipotsu offers you the possibility to receive your guests as soon as they arrive at the station or airport via tailor-made mobility and hospitality services. You will thus avoid them unnecessary stress, to be exhausted, getting lost because of a lack of knowledge of the city and above all you will save them time and comfort!

Here is a typical itinerary of a guest during his trip. He/She will first arrive at the city station or airport. Look for a way to reach his hotel/airbnb in order to drop off his/her luggage. Finally he/she will go to the meeting point set by the company that receives him/her. Shipotsu offers to receive your guest on the platform of his/her train. For instance, to transport him/her directly to your premises, then to transfer his/her luggage to his/her hotel/airbnb. In addition, in order to enrich his/her experience, we also offer you the opportunity to personalize his/her mobility by welcoming him/her with a box of chocolate, a bottle of champagne or other concierge services in order to satisfy him/her as much as possible.

Offer personalized transport services to your employees

The daily mobility of a company’s collaborators in order to reach or leave their workplace. All this requires some organization and must be planned in advance in order to avoid any constraints and delays. Especially since companies are increasingly committing themselves via a CSR policy to an organisation. That one respects nature by raising awareness of new forms of mobility among their employees by encouraging them to carpool, use public transport, etc….

However, several problems arise, such as transit schedules or transit ridership areas. Carpooling is mainly available during peak hours and is therefore not very flexible and customizable.

Welcome of company's guests by a private chauffeur.

Shipotsu has the solution for companies ! We offer several mobility and hospitality services, all ultra-personalizable according to the constraints of each collaborator. Employers can therefore organize and manage all the mobility of their employees simply and quickly. In order to encourage them not to use their own vehicle, thus making a gesture for the environment as well as for their wallets. To do so, companies might choose the vehicle which suit to the needs of their collaborators such as a berline, a van for group or electrical vehicle to emit no carbon.

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