Transport of the employees of companies

The daily mobility of a company’s employees to and from their workplace requires a certain amount of organization and must be planned in advance. In addition, companies are committed to an organisation that respects nature by raising awareness of new mobility among their employees by encouraging them to carpool, use public transport, etc….

Nevertheless, several issues arise such as transit times or transit barge areas. In addition, carpooling is only available during “peak” hours and is therefore not very flexible…

Shipotsu has the solution for companies! We offer various mobility services, all tailored to the needs of each employee. Employers can therefore organize and manage the mobility of their employees simply and quickly to encourage them not to use their cars. To learn more about Shipotsu services, visit our dedicated Business page.

Customised transport solutions for your employees

To enable companies to continue their commitments to an environmentally friendly organisation through awareness raising on new mobility. Shipotsu offers to take care of the daily transport of the employees of the companies.

As mentioned above, public transport or carpooling brings together a whole host of advantages in terms of budget and environmental impact. However, they also represent some disadvantages such as precise timetables, a certain catchment area making these mobility solutions good services but not flexible and adaptable to everyone’s needs. Shipotsu allows environmentally friendly transport while removing each constraint according to each employee.

According to the employers’ request, we can provide a driver in a VAN or TESLA vehicle. He or she will pick up your employees at their home, at the desired times and thus organize his “tour” . So that all the company’s employees arrive on time and in complete safety at their place of work. Removing everyone’s constraints via an ultra-personalizable service. Avoiding the need for all transported employees to use their own vehicles.  And by also allowing them to reduce their transport costs while reducing their carbon impact through a grouped transfer and possibly in a green vehicle. Of course, this type of service is also available for the return phase of employees after their busy working day.


Finally, as mentioned above, the implementation of this type of tailor-made service has the possibility to be modified and made periodic on a daily or weekly basis.

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Transport of a company’s travellers

Some of a company’s employees are constantly on the move in order to develop the company’s activity. As a result, some of them are confronted with mobility needs as soon as they arrive at the airport or station. Busy schedule, anxiety, stress, fatigue, lack of knowledge of the city and luggage constraints. The traveller is confronted with a whole host of problems. In general, the travelling professional goes to his hotel/airbnb. In order to drop off his belongings and then to his appointment, congress, exhibition, etc… Especially since business travellers tend more and more to express a new need. The Bleisure, the professional wishes to be able to combine business and leisure travel. Shipotsu, thanks to its mobility solutions, wishes to promote and offer travellers the possibility of adapting this new form of travel.

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