Transport of the company

Are you faced with managing the mobility of your employees/managers? Shipotsu offers you transport solutions for your company.

Mobility in an organization is a problem that all travel managers, secretaries/assistants and even employees encounter when organizing their travel. Today, staff have to travel several times a week, months, years and real problems arise: what is the internal policy? Should I keep my receipts as expense reports? How can I keep control and facilitate the management of my employees’ travel? Shipotsu has integrated all the transport solutions that professionals encounter, whether they are executives, regular travellers or not. Able to manage the transport, transfer and storage of luggage. Shipotsu also facilitates travel management through personal access allowing managers to maintain control and facilitate invoicing.

Transport of employees of company

The mobility of employees to and from their workplace requires a certain amount of organization and planning in advance. In addition, companies are increasingly committed to an environmentally friendly organisation, in particular by raising awareness of new mobility among their employees by encouraging them to use public transport or carpooling. 

However, other issues are emerging such as transit ridership areas and transit times. Then, carpooling is finally available during “peak” hours and not so flexible as that…

At Shipotsu, several mobility services are available with an ultra-personalization according to the constraints of each employee. Today, employers can manage the mobility of their employees simply and quickly to encourage them not to take their cars.

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Transport of the company’s travellers

These customers are constantly on the move and face mobility needs as soon as they arrive at the station/airport. Busy schedules, stress, baggage constraints and lack of knowledge of the city, travellers are confronted with several problems. As a general rule, the professional goes to his hotel and then to his activity (lounge, congress, meeting…). In addition, the business traveller increasingly expresses a new need, which is still poorly managed by the host structures, but which is nevertheless highly cited in the surveys conducted by business travel specialists: Bleisure. The business traveller wants to be able to combine “business” and “leisure” travel. SHIPOTSU wants to establish itself as an important service provider to meet this need as well.

With the Shipotsu platform, the traveller is offered different mobility solutions adapted to his situation. Shipotsu would create a “tailor-made” / turnkey solution with ease in order to optimize the time and comfort of the traveller.

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Transport of company managers

Organizing the travel of your manager has never been an easy task! Everything must be operational so that the manager does not waste a minute and that everything goes according to the determined schedule. The choice of driver is therefore essential, but also the organisation of services.

With Shipotsu, you have the possibility to plan and personalize your manager’s trip. We also offer the choice of vehicle and we can enrich the experience with multiple services: champagne bottle, customization of the vehicle interior etc…

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Welcome your guests with transport booked by the company

Customers, prospects, partners, employees, companies welcome guests into their structure in order to conclude negotiations or create cohesion. Generally, guests manage to come to the meeting place and are advised from time to time by their hotels or ask in advance.

Surprise and amaze your guests! Shipotsu offers mobility and hospitality services that can properly welcome your guests and provide a tailor-made experience according to your instructions. For example: book the transfer from the airport to your establishment and then our carrier will deliver the luggage to your guest’s hotels.

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