Mobility services - Annecy train station

A professional meeting is planned in Annecy ? A weekend with family, lovers or friends? During this stay, your time is the most important resource for you, you don’t have a minute to waste. We offer you the opportunity to earn some, to allow you to travel without stress while ensuring your well-being. We take care of all your mobility problems in the region via ultra-personalized transport, luggage transfer and concierge services. For your departure, as on your arrival, by booking your Shipotsu solution in advance, one of our Ship’Drivers will take care of your mobility needs.

A professional event planned at the Imperial Palace Convention Center ? Or, a customer appointment scheduled upon your arrival? Don’t worry, we thought about you. By opting for our all-inclusive transport service, our private chauffeur will pick you up as soon as you leave the customs hub. He will then drop you off at your professional or non-professional meeting place, and finally he will transfer your luggage to your airbnb apartment or hotel room.

Optimize your time by freeing yourself from your luggage! These are sealed, insured and taken care of by private chauffeur ensuring total security. Your luggage will be stored and delivered to the place and time indicated. Once deposited, you will be immediately notified on your phone. No more wasting time on your business travels or holidays! Also take the opportunity to switch to bleisure mode by discovering the city of Annecy with your hands free! To save time and travel without the slightest stress, simply book your mobility service adapted to your needs. To do so, go to our booking form or contact us directly at

Annecy train station


This arrival point is located in the city of Annecy in the Haute-Savoie department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Nowadays, the station is composed of 5 platforms for passengers to get on and off. This last one allows the junction between the southwest towards the station of Chambéry-Challes-les-Eaux and Aix-les-Bains. But also to Lyon-Part-Dieu, Grenoble or Valence train station. And finally, to the north, towards Annemasse station. Finally, in 2020, Annecy will become the terminus of one of the Léman Express branches with a service between Geneva and Annecy.


Shipotsu, the mobility expert takes care of all your mobility needs


To facilitate your arrival or to enjoy the last moments in “Little Venice” before your departure. Shipotsu has set up a luggage transfer service ! This service allows travellers transiting mainly in stations and airports to be released from their luggage upon arrival or departure ! Once their luggage has been handed over to our private chauffeur, it is insured and will be sealed, a numbered receipt corresponding to each piece of luggage will be given to the passengers.


Afterwards, they can directly enjoy the city’s tourist activities. Or go to their professional appointment without going to their place of residence to drop off their luggage. Our Ship’Driver will store them, then transport them to the specified location after the check-in time of the establishment. Finally, travellers will be notified directly in order to inform them that their luggage has been deposited! This service is also available at the time of departure to avoid being overloaded with luggage. During the last cultural visits or walks in the city of Annecy after the check-out of their host establishment. A Ship’driver will take care of them and then deliver them to passengers in person at Annecy station at the time indicated above!

To benefit from our services and to travel within Annecy and its region from or to Annecy station in comfort or to free yourself from your luggage. Simply go to our booking engine or contact us directly at

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