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Getting your luggage delivered when travelling in France has never been easier than with Shipotsu! We are experts in the mobility of people and their luggage. We work exclusively with French professional transporters ensuring safety and a high quality of service. Simplify your arrival or departure from France by having your luggage, suitcases, bags, bicycles or other bulky items sent wherever you want.

Choose the solution that  suits you

Manage your mobility needs to your final destination


Choisissez la solution qui vous correspond

Gérez vos besoins de mobilité jusqu’à votre lieu de destination finale

Ground travel

Customize your ride

Icône d'une voiture vtc.

Certified chauffeurs


Electrical powered vehicles

Hands free

Luggage transfer

Icône de plusieurs bagages sur le tapis roulant de l'aéroport.

Delivery where you wish

Luggage sealed & insured

Tracking system

Travel light

Check-in from home

Icone enregistrement de bagages à domicile.

Luggage sealed in person

Avoid check-in queue

Your luggage fly with you

Ils nous font confiance

Allez-y les yeux fermés !
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Nous étions 5 avec 15 grosses valises. L'aide de Shipotsu nous a été très précieuse. Hyper efficace et avec le sourrire.

Organisatrice d'événements - Julie.P
Tout simplement génial !
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Pouvoir lâcher son bagage à la sortie de l'aéroport pour la retrouver à l'hôtel… Fini les rendez-vous client avec cette contrainte.

Voyageur d'affaires - Lionel.C
Un vrai confort !
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Une excellente initiavite tellement pratique. Comment assurer les rendez-vous pro sans son bagage.

Client de confiance - Eric.G

They’re  trusting us

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Go on with your eyes closed !

We were 5 with 15 big luggage. Shipotsu’s help was very precious. Hyper efficient with smile.

Events organizer - Julie.P


Just awesome !

Be able to get rid off my luggage at the airport to find it later in my hotel… No more business meetings with coercion.

Business traveller - Lionel.C


Really convenient !

An excellent initiative, so useful. How to ensure business travel hands free.

Trusted customer - Eric.G

Luggage transfer to hotel room
Luggage transfer to hotel room

Luggage transfer in France, how does it work?

  1. By going to our booking engine. Fill in the pick-up location, drop-off location, date and time. Select the luggage transport options that suit you to send your suitcases, bags, luggage, bikes or skis wherever you want. For example, from your arrival airport to your hotel.
  2. Depending on the option you choose, you entrust your luggage and hand bags to our partner carrier at the address given at the time of your reservation. If the pick-up takes place from one of our partner airports, you can also choose to have your personal belongings picked up directly from the carousel.
  3. Enjoy your stay in France with your hands free! Rest assured, your luggage is in the hands of a transport professional. In addition, your suitcases are insured and sealed when they are picked up.
  4. Find your luggage at the place of deposit indicated at the time of your reservation on our platform.

Luggage transfer - No wasting time !

  1. Free yourself time and offer yourself comfort by having your luggage transferred with Shipotsu !
  2. When you travel, you usually leave very early, so you don’t have a minute to lose when you arrive. Or are you on holiday and you don’t want to be cluttered with your suitcases and enjoy your stay hands free? However, you must first go to your hotel or airbnb to drop off your luggage. Checking in to your room, which usually starts at 2pm or even 5pm ? Don’t worry, Shipotsu takes care of your luggage, find it directly when you
Luggage transfer steps Shipotsu
Cost reduction and carbon footprint

Reduce your costs !

By booking among our luggage transfer services, you find yourself relieved of your suitcases, why not take advantage of it to use public transport, self-service bicycles or a shared private chauffeur service ? At the same time, saving money for your portfolio and reducing your carbon impact.

At Shipotsu, we provide you with a MaaS tool centralizing a multitude of mobility solutions. You can combine your luggage transfer service with a passenger transport solution such as a shared Vtc, use self-service bicycles or scooters or take public transport.

Frequently Ask Questions

The indicated fares when you’re booking are FIXED, no surplus will be asked. Please note that a surplus is applied for night rates. The fares shown are always all taxes included.

You can do it on your online space. Log in to your account, heading my bookings. Choose the reservation you wish to cancel by clicking on the red button You will be fully refunded within a few days. Please note that our cancellations less than 24 hours in advance, you will not be refunded. To modify a reservation, please contact our teams :

Through your account, go to the “ Booking history” section then download your document in PDF. When you book your service, you will also receive a receipt for your payment.

Simply enter the contact details of the third party when you book your service. An email will be sent to you and the traveler.

Il suffit simplement de rentrer les coordonnées de la personne tierce lorsque vous réalisez la réservation. Un email sera envoyé au voyageur et à vous-même.

Other questions ?

What type of goods can you have delivered in France?

Luggage transfer in France

We take care of the delivery of your suitcases anywhere in France. Mainly from/to train stations and airports from/to your hotel, airbnb or home.

Travel light and stay relaxed when arriving or departing in any of the French cities. Benefit from our rates negotiated with our transport partners as well as a totally secure service carried out by transport professionals. From our partner airports, if you choose our carousel pick-up solution. You don’t even have to pick them up in person to hand them over to our transport partner, you will find them directly at the desired drop-off location.

Transfer of oversized luggage in France

Bike transport service

Among the oversized luggage in France is the bike that accompanies you on your mountain holidays during the summer. We take care of the delivery of your bike, before the pick-up we advise you to put them in an adapted kit in order to facilitate their pick-up by our carrier. If you wish to enjoy your next holidays or for a competition, we are here to manage your vehicle transfers. Relax, the bike delivery is fully secured with Shipotsu. Ideal services for experienced hikers and nature lovers to go on expeditions in the French mountain ranges.

Instruments transport service

Are you going to perform a concert in Paris, Lyon, Nice or any other French city ? Your instruments are precious and fragile goods. Don’t panic, when we take care of your instruments such as your guitar or your violin, we will take special care of them while transporting them where you want them to go. You will find your equipment in perfect condition so that you can enjoy playing it directly when you arrive.

Golf clubs transport service

Send your golf clubs anywhere in France! Fan of sports and especially golf ? When you travel, book our golf equipment delivery service to your home, hotel or airbnb and enjoy your stay without being overloaded by your luggage and sports equipment.

Ski transport service

As our services are well established in mountainous regions, our logistics allow us to supply many ski resorts. You can have your skis or snowboards delivered directly to your hotel or airbnb during your stay in the mountains. Avoid overloading yourself with your winter sports equipment, thus preventing you from opting for conventional transport solutions, but instead have it delivered wherever you want by professionals.

France, one of the most beautiful countries in the world

According to the  french backpacker’s guide, France is even considered the most beautiful country in the world! France has the image of a great world power, due to its history, culture and sectors of activity. All the more so as the French territory abounds in numerous tourist places to discover. Its historical heritage is also very rich thanks to the many events it has gone through in the past. Impressive architecture, green landscapes, vineyards, mountain ranges, metropolises, small villages, due to its diverse and varied environments, France welcomes every year millions of tourists who are eager to discover this culture.

To simplify your holidays or simple business trips in France, at Shipotsu we have decided to help you with our Door-to-Door luggage transfer services. Shipotsu positions itself as a real mobile luggage locker! Make the most of your time by freeing yourself from your luggage and enjoy your stay 100% lightly, without stress or anxiety.

Why send your luggage to France ?

So that you can travel with your hands free and not lose a single second of your stay! As soon as you land at the airport or arrive at the train station, you will travel light, without any stress! We come and collect your luggage and bags wherever you want to offer you a door-to-door service. Our luggage transfer services are only available upon reservation 24 hours in advance at the most. Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The top 5 favourite destinations in France

  • Paris, one of the most popular cities in the world, the capital of love is a city not to be missed during your trip to France. Famous for its culture, monuments and gastronomy, it is the most visited city in the world.


  • Lyon, the capital of French gastronomy is a must visit for lovers of good food. Especially since Lyon is a city with a strong historical heritage with its Fourvière bastille and other places to discover.


  • Bordeaux, a city located in the southwest of France. The city and its region are highly valued for their good wines but also for their rich gastronomy. There are also many markets offering the best of local production. But Bordeaux also means splendid walks on the banks of the Gironde.


  • Nice is the second most popular city in France. Located in the south-east of France, Nice is a beautiful city surrounded by sumptuous beaches. There’s nothing like a stroll on the Promenade des Anglais under the sun of the French Riviera.


  • Lille has a very rich cultural and historical heritage! This city is located in the north of France, 1h15 of TGV is enough for you to reach this city in order to discover another facet of French gastronomy.

The traveller without luggage, what to visit in France ?

It is so much more pleasant and less stressful to travel without your luggage. Thanks to Shipotsu’s luggage transfer service, you can enjoy many great places in France.

  • Collonges-la-Rouge, a small town located in the New Aquitaine region. This small commune was essentially made of red brick as its name indicates, it hides nearly 1000 years of history. The castel of Bassinhac, the Maison de la Sirène and even all the houses of this small village will give you a breath of fresh air.


  • The small town of Etretat, a charming town located in Normandy. It has ultra-famous cliffs, turquoise blue waters and long white sandy beaches. Moreover within its many beautiful but at the same time bizarre gardens like those dotted with several giant faces and intriguing silhouettes ! To discover !


  • The Mont Saint Michel, a small island known throughout the world, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An ultra touristic place but far from being overrated for its incomparable beauty, you can also witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.


  • The Dune du Pilat, an enormous amat of sand that stretches 616 metres and is 110 metres high, wedged between the ocean and a pine forest. It is hard to believe that this place is actually located in France, yet the dune of pilat is the highest dune in Europe!

What are the airline dimensions for check in luggage ?

The maximum dimensions for checked baggage vary from airline to airline. However, as a general rule, a piece of checked baggage can be up to 158 cm (height x depth x width). The maximum accepted weight also varies from 18 kg to 30 kg depending on your flight ticket. ( Eco Class, Business, First)

What are the airline dimensions for carry-on luggage ?

Cabin baggage sizes differ between airlines. However, generally the recommended size for carry-on baggage is 55 x 35 x 25 cm (height x depth x width). Accepted weight limits are between 10 and 12kg. By complying with its conditions, your baggage will be considered as “cabin” by major airlines such as Air France, Emirates or Lufthansa.

How does Shipotsu's door-to-door luggage transfer service work ?

It’s very simple, on our online booking engine, you can choose the option to book your baggage transfer service in France. You can plan your arrival or departure without the slightest stress and leave serenely on a trip with several suitcases or other heavy equipment. Shipotsu is there to simplify your travels.

  1. Depending on the option you choose, you entrust your luggage and hand bags to our partner carrier at the address given at the time of your reservation. If the pick-up takes place from one of our partner airports, you can also choose to have your personal belongings picked up directly from the carousel.
  2. Enjoy your stay in France with your hands free! Rest assured, your luggage is in the hands of a transport professional. In addition, your suitcases are insured and sealed when they are picked up.
  3. Find your luggage at the place of deposit indicated at the time of your reservation on our platform.

Our transport partners are professionals in the sector, and of course they all have the required freight transport capacity. However, these are not the big market entities such as DHL, Fedex, Chronopost or Mondial Relay. We work exclusively with independent French companies. When you get off the train, if you wish, our transporters will take care of transporting your luggage directly to the station platform.

How to have oversized luggage delivered in France ?

Based on the same principle as a classic luggage transfer, when you make your reservation in the “Additional information” box, please fill in the specificity of your personal belongings. Our team will contact you once the reservation has been made to explain the process.

Can I have my golf clubs delivered to France ?

Of course, sending your golf clubs anywhere in France has never been easier! Fan of sports and especially golf? When you travel, book our golf equipment delivery service to your home, hotel or airbnb and enjoy your stay without being overloaded by your luggage and sports equipment.

How do you send your bike to France ?

Are you planning a cycling trip or a hike in the French mountains? Do you want to have your bike transported from town to town during your various stages? Shipotsu takes your bike and delivers it safely to the desired location.

What products are prohibited for luggage or parcel transfers in France ?

When you take the plane, certain products and objects have been banned to ensure the safety of all passengers. Strict regulations have been put in place by IATA (International Air Transport Association).

Here is the list of objects and products forbidden inside cabin luggage :

  • Aerosol and cosmetic with a capacity exceeding 100 ml per bottle.
  • All types of firearms
  • Ammunition or cartridge for hunting or sporting weapons
  • Edged weapons, more generally any sharp object (scissors, cutter, Swiss Army knife, etc…).
  • Any liquid product, perfume, shower gel, toothpaste, shampoo with a capacity exceeding 100 ml per container.

In addition, certain objects are strictly forbidden whether inside carry-on or checked baggage. These items are considered hazardous and may threaten safety, health or the environment.

Here is the list of objects and products prohibited inside hold and cabin luggage :

  • Mercury thermometer
  • Any exceptional chemical products such as pesticides, weed killers and fertilizers
  • Any stripping liquid such as bleach, chlorine, solvent, fuel, acetone and other thinners.
  • Lighter, matches and other small fuels
  • All electrolyte batteries
  • Printer cartridge
  • Any lithium battery
  • Fireworks, firecracker, firelighter brick, tear gas, distress rockets
  • Industrial lacquer, varnish or paint
  • Any gas tank, and oxygen diving tank

How do I pack and protect my luggage ?

When you travel by plane, train or simply on any trip, it is important to pack your luggage well to protect its contents as well as possible.

We recommend the following methods :

  • Use a sturdy suitcase, rigid suitcase or other type of solid container
  • Use bubble wrap or cellophane in order to stabilize your luggage and avoid shocks and possible traces during the charter.
  • Also protect your fragile objects inside your suitcases with resistant containers.
  • Place a luggage tag containing the necessary information to contact you in case of loss of your property at the airport or on the train. Thanks to its information, your luggage will be identified and can be sent to you as soon as possible.

In any case, once one of our carriers takes charge of your personal belongings, they are insured by us. In addition, our service providers are recognized for their seriousness and the quality of their luggage and parcel transfer services.

What are the French customs rules ?

Like all countries, France has well-defined customs rules. When preparing your suitcases, it is important to know which products and objects you may or may not take with you.

Here is the list of items that are not allowed to be taken with you :

  • Counterfeit goods
  • Weapons: Check with customs
  • The import of certain vegetables and fruit is prohibited because of phytosanitary risks.
  • All products containing dangerous substances
  • Any narcotic drug, unless authorised by the Directorate General of the ANSM.

This is why when you arrive or depart in one of the French airports, you must respect the regulatory conditions established by French customs. Checks can be carried out as soon as you arrive on French land.

When is the best period to go to France ?

It all depends on the purpose of your trip, but France has many places to visit depending on the season. That’s why, during the 4 seasons of the year you can travel in France as you wish. Swimming in the sea or the ocean in the summer? Skiing in the Pyrenees or the Alps during the winter season? Enjoy nature walks in the fall? Or enjoy the beautiful green landscapes and France’s huge historical heritage during springtime? For each season, France has many places to discover.

Cities where our luggage services are available :